Q & A with NYT bestselling author Liz Braswell…plus a giveaway of her latest novel, INTO DARKNESS

Hi Liz! Welcome to the blog 🙂

Can you tell us a little bit about INTO DARKNESS and the characters?

Into Darkness is the sequel to Stuffed, a book about how Monsters are real and your stuffed animals (Stuffies) really do protect you from them.  Clark and his favorite Stuffy, Foon, go to Camp I Can for the summer hoping to reconnect with old friends and just have a really good time…but it turns out the camp is being invaded by Monsters.  In fact, they are trying to get Clark to punish Foon for killing their beloved King Derker in book one (spoiler, um, alert).  The Great Pleticon has a terrible Revenge Plan, Clark’s friends are fighting, and Anna is going off to college.  Oh, and there’s a Monster called a Phlebbish who looks a little like an axolotl and may not be strictly evil…

What are you working on now?

Ideas for book three of Stuffed, copyedits for my Disney twisted tale What Once Was Mine (a retelling of Tangled), and a few other (secret) projects.

What does your typical writing day look like? Do you have a set routine?

Once upon a time in the beforetimes after everyone left the house for school or work I would head to a shared writer space or a coffee shop, write, have lunch, maybe move venue, and then spend the afternoon doing less “typing” and more thinking/plotting/imagining.  Often on long walks around Brooklyn, sometimes on the couch it what looks almost like a nap.  But isn’t.

Now my venues are a rooftop, a treehouse, and the kitchen table.   The kids are around a lot more, which makes for, oddly, both a longer and shorter writing day.  Evenings are for collapsing, binging, and reading. 

Any advice for writers in the querying trenches?

Never give up.  Never give up.  Never give up.

Were any of the characters in the book inspired by people from your real life?

Often!  Though weirdly people think I’m Grandma Machen, not the person I based on me.  And though the ideas for the book existed long before my son was born…Clark is a lot like him.  Anna is the big sister I always wished I had.

Who was your favorite character to write? What about your least favorite?

The Phlebbish, Foon’s Monster captive and companion was super fun—Stuffies are heroes but sometimes take themselves a little too seriously.  The Montser is there to question that.  Least favorite was Kris; he had to be a bully, but human, but also depicted honestly.

What is your favorite passage/scene in INTO DARKNESS?

Either the ones with Maya, the Fire Skills Instructor, or the ones of Foon and the Phlebbish traveling together.

What kind of research did you have to do for the story?

I mean, if I tell you it involved playing with stuffed animals can you keep it a secret?

Lightning Round Questions

What are you reading right now? Or what do you have on your TBR that you’re dying to read?

Just finished Klara and the Sun and A Girl of the Limberlost, but beginning Throne of Glass.  Every night before I go to sleep I read a Shirley Jackson story.  In between, Icelandic folk tales and G. K Chesterton.

Instagram, Twitter or Facebook?

Instagram—the people are nicest there, and I love following artists and seeing their WIPs since I haven’t been to an art museum in over a year.

Favorite Superhero?

Complicated.  I’m going to go with Batman, almost any era except Frank Miller.

Favorite TV show?

Recently?  The Expanse.  I’m binging Love, Death and Robots right now.  Ooh, and Infinity Train with my daughter (and Korra with both my kids).

Sweet or Salty?


Any Phobias?

You really think an author who loves horror is going to give you her Room 101 scenario?

To a lesser degree, any party without an adequate cheese board that I can make the focus of my attention instead of talking to people.

Song you can’t get enough of right now?

Fireflies/Owl City

2021 Movie you’re most looking forward to?


Thank you, Liz!

Read below for more about Liz Braswell and her most recent novel, Into Darkness, below. 


About the Book:


About The Book:

Title: INTO DARKNESS (Stuffed #2)

Author: Liz Braswell

Pub. Date: May 4, 2021

Publisher:  Disney-Hyperion

From New York Times Bestselling Author Liz Braswell, comes the second novel in the STUFFED series! Set at summer camp, Foon’s boy, Clark, is kidnapped by an evil monster bent on revenge and Foon must enter the Darkness in order to save him.

No Stuffy has ever gone into the Darkness and returned….

Clark can’t wait to go away to camp this year. For the first time ever, he has actual friends to hang out with. Catherine-Lucille and D. A. will both be at Camp I Can with Clark, and C. L. has already promised to induct him into her exclusive camp club—the one for campers who know everything there is to know about the world of Monsters and how Stuffies protect kids from them. And now that he knows (or suspects . . . very strongly) that his grandma-made Stuffy, Foon, heroically saved his own father from a horrible fate, Clark is obviously bringing Foon to camp along with him.

But once Clark gets to camp, he and his friends discover things are off. There are strange, gooey findings in some of the bunks, the adults are acting weird, and, worst of all, their Stuffies and dolls go missing right at the moment they need them the most—when they go on the intersession camping trip and end up trapped in a creepy old cabin. What Clark and his friends don’t know, and what the mighty Foon soon discovers, is that the Monsters have launched a revenge campaign against Foon—a campaign that entails sucking the very life out of Clark. Now it’s up to Foon to enter the World of Darkness and take on the Monster in charge in order to stop the plot and save Clark’s life. 

In the long tradition of Stuffies vs. Monsters, this one’s a battle for the ages—one that will certainly go down in Stuffy history.


“A warm and engaging tale” – Kirkus Reviews





About Liz:

Liz Braswell spent her childhood reading fairy tales, catching, and going on adventures in the woods with her stuffed animals. She has a degree in Egyptology from Brown University (and yes, she can write your name in hieroglyphs). After making video games for ten years Liz now writes full-time and plays video games for fun.

She has written Snow, RxThe Nine Lives of Chloe King, and several books in the best-selling Twisted Tale series, including Part of Your World and As Old as Time. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, two children, a cat, a part-time dog, three fish, and five coffee trees, and still sleeps with a Stuffy. 

You can email her at me@lizbraswell.com or find her on Instagram and Twitter @LizBraswell.

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Giveaway Details:

3 winners will receive a finished copy of INTO DARKNESS (Stuffed #2).
USA only please.

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