Spring Fling KidLit Contest Entry 2021

Springtime always makes me think of animals emerging and kids going out to play. I combined these ideas in my story, PENNY PRICKLE, about a porcupine who struggles to get close to her classmates, until an idea literally sticks to her and changes everything. (Hint: the last line of the story will give you a hint about what stuck to her!)

What is the Spring Fling KidLit Contest?

Hosted by Kaitlyn Sanchez and Ciara O’Neal, Spring Fling is a kidlit writing contest that runs from April 1st – 3rd with simple rules: 1) Find a GIF, 2) write a spring-inspired story of no more than 150 words, 3) fill out the entry form HERE, and 4) post it on your blog (if you have one.)

There are lots of amazing prizes from authors, agents, and editors for the winners. The kidlit community is truly SO generous! Follow more about the contest at #springflingkidlt 🙂

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wc: 150

Penny Prickle

by Jennifer Mary Grolemund

Penny Prickle walked to her new school alone. 

The other kids kept their distance. 

Science without a lab partner didn’t measure up. 

At recess, no one tagged her. 

Penny’s prickles drooped with worry. 

Would she ever make any friends?

In art class, Penny used her quills to make ink drawings. 

“Cool,” the other kids said. “Can we try?” 

Penny perked up and handed out her quills. 

“Thanks,” said Leo.

But “Ouch!” squeaked Mole.

Penny teared up and hid in the supply closet, where an idea stuck to her. 

Penny worked quickly. 

Soon she was squishy.

Penny gathered her courage.

Would this work?

She stepped into the hallway and bumped into Mole.

He realized it didn’t hurt. “Is there something different about you?”

Only on the outside,” Penny said.

“Want to come play?” Mole asked.

Penny’s quills quivered with excitement.

For the first time ever, she played tag.

Friendship fears erased!

12 thoughts on “Spring Fling KidLit Contest Entry 2021

  1. I love Penny! and the line – Penny teared up and hid in the supply closet where an idea stuck to her! – gave me SO many ideas as to what is sticking to her quills! Sponges? bubble wrap? HA! Nice job, Jennifer!

    Liked by 1 person

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