PB Spotlight: The Book Tree by Paul Czajak


Blog_BookTree_coverpicSo excited to spotlight this instant classic, The Book Tree, written by Paul Czajak and illustrated by Rashin Kheiriyeh.

About the book: 

When young Arlo accidentally drops a book on the Mayor’s head, the Mayor decides books are dangerous and destroys all the books in town! But thanks to Arlo’s imagination and perserverance, the Mayor finds that suppressing stories cannot stop them from blossoming more beautifully than ever. This timely allegorical tale will be a useful tool for starting conversations with children about activism and the power of the written word.



Book Trailer:


Blog_BookTree_AuthorpicAbout the author: Paul Czajak got an ‘F’ with the words “get a tutor” on his college writing paper and after that, never thought he’d become a writer. But after spending twenty years as a chemist, he knew his creativity could no longer be contained. Lucky for us, Paul rediscovered his passion for writing and looks forward to sharing his stories for years to come. Paul is the author of the popular Monster and Me series, Seaver the Weaver, and more. The Book Tree is available September 30, 2018.



About the illustrator: Rashin Kheiriyeh is an internationally recognized, award-winning illustrator/author, animation director, and painter. She has published seventy children’s books in countries such as the United States, France, Italy, Japan, Germany, Spain, South Korea, China, Brazil, India and Iran.

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