PB Spotlight: Terrific Tongues! by Maria Gianferrari with giveaway!

Blog_TerrificTongues_coverpicwithdogTerrific Tongues!
by: Maria Gianferrari
Illustrated by: Jia Liu

Using whimsical comparisons, this brightly illustrated nonfiction picture book highlights the fascinating ways different animals—from a woodpecker, to a snake, to a bat—use their tongues. It’s a straw, it’s a mop, it’s a sword—it’s all of those things, and more! Animals’ amazing tongues have unique and unusual functions. Readers will marvel at how woodpeckers use their tongues like swords to burrow for insects under tree bark, moths use their tongues like straws to sip flower nectar, and okapis use their tongues like washcloths to wash their eyes and ears. And whose tongues can lick, taste, blow bubbles, whistle, talk, and more? People’s tongues, of course! With vivid, colorful artwork by a debut illustrator, this title includes back matter with additional information about each animal tongue as well as intriguing facts about more fun tongues.


Win a copy of Terrific Tongues! Giveaway for US residents only. (It will be unsigned, since it will be sent directly by the publisher.) Many thanks to Boyds Mills Press for hosting a Terrific Tongues! giveaway.

Click the link below to enter: (Note: Giveaway starts on April 19th)

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About the author:

Maria would love an air conditioner-like tongue to combat Virginia’s hot and humid summers, or a tongue like a straw for sipping cold ice tea! But she’ll make do with kisses from her rescue mutt, Becca. Terrific Tongues is Maria’s first book with Boyds Mills Press. She is also the author of the Penny & Jelly books, Coyote Moon, Officer Katz & Houndini and Hello Goodbye Dog. Maria lives in Virginia with her scientist husband, artist daughter, and writing companion, Becca.

Website: http://mariagianferrari.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Gianferrari/100005158935695

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pennyandjelly/

Read a guest post with Maria about the research she does for her books! Click HERE.


6 thoughts on “PB Spotlight: Terrific Tongues! by Maria Gianferrari with giveaway!

  1. I can’t wait to read this book–I enjoy the topic and the cover very much. I also love this author’s work and the illustrations are bright and fun. As a writer of nonfiction for kids, I’d love to study this book as mentor text to see how the illustrations and text work together.

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