Journey Through the Center of the Earth?

With the winter break about to end and the new year just hours away, I’ve begun the tedious (but often fun!) task of making lessons plans for the coming week. After a nearly ten year hiatus behind the scenes as a curriculum writer/consultant for various publishers, I’m so happy to be back in the classroom — the science classroom to be exact.

While perusing through resources, I thought it would be nice to share some of the gems that I find with other teachers (or anyone interested), so I’ve created a new menu item on my blog.

Just before the holiday break, my second grade class learned about the layers of planet Earth, the crust, mantle, outer core, and inner core. They created models with clay and dove into some interesting facts with interactive notebook pages. I’m thrilled (and fan-girling) over my choice of the first resource (surprisingly not a book!) to share — an amazing 2 minute video starring Neil deGrasse Tyson:

My students absolutely LOVED this video and asked to watch it multiple times. It helped to kickstart a great class discussion and truly piqued their interest.

Looking forward to sharing more going forward! Since this site is mainly about KidLit, book titles for the classroom will be featured in the future.

Feel free to share any tips/resources/books you might have up your sleeve! I currently teach K – 2 science, but any grade level or subject is welcome 🙂

Happy New Year!

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