Poem in your Pocket Day



April is National Poetry Month and tomorrow, April 27th, is Poem in Your Pocket Day.

The purpose? Choose a poem you like, carry it with you, and share it with others — at work, school, or wherever the day takes you. Don’t forget to share the poem on Twitter using the hashtag #pocketpoem and check out the poems others have selected, too.

How did it start? Poem in Your Pocket Day was initiated in New York City in 2002 as part of the city’s National Poetry Month celebration. Word spread with the help of social media over the years and The Academy of American Poets took the idea nationwide in 2008. Canadians adopted Poem in Your Pocket Day last year.

This is such a great activity for kids to participate in. Many schools already do, but families can join the fun as well. Poems help us stretch our understanding of the world and dive into our imaginations.

I’m kicking things off a day early with a link to one of my favorite poems. Click on the poem, enjoy, and share! Introduction to Poetry – by Billy Collins

Feel free to leave a comment with the name of and a link to your favorite poem!

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