Q & A with YA author Tenille Berezay

blog_thekeep_authorpicHi Tenille, congratulations on the upcoming release of The Keep (Converters book 2)! When you were writing The Convergence, did you have a sequel in the back of your mind?

I did! I knew Desiree’s story would be a trilogy, but the ending of book one surprised me. I had an entirely different ending planned which ended up not making sense once I wrote the characters. A complete HEA had to wait.

Did anything that hit the cutting room floor from book one make it into book 2?

Pretty much everything that hit the cutting floor needed to stay there…and be forgotten forever. And be burned. Needless to say, book one had a lot of riffraff.

You review a lot of interesting books on your blog. How do you prioritize your TBR list?

I’m an emotional reader, so emotion trumps priority when I’m choosing what to read. I do, however, try to genre jump. I’ve also been trying to read and review other indie author’s works. And, because I write YA, I try to read any YA book that is getting a lot of hype. My reading is powered by recommendations from Goodread friends, Amazon, blogs, or BookTubers.

When writing, there must be days when the words don’t come out right. What do you do to reset and focus?

With a young family, my writing time is precious…and rare. When the words don’t come out right, I write them wrong. (Thank goodness for editing!) Usually, after enough wrong words, something starts to click and the writing starts to flow again. As for staying focused, I give myself rewards. One chapter written? Ice cream it is. Yes, there is such a thing as writing weight.

Thank you, Tenille!

To read more about Tenille and her YA novels, THE KEEP and THE CONVERGENCE,

visit my blog post HERE.


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