YA Spotlight: IN REAL LIFE: A Novel by Jessica Love




By Jessica Love
Thomas Dunne Books
Publication Date: March 1, 2016

I just received an ARC of IN REAL LIFE: A Novel by Jessica Love and I’m eagerly reading away. It’s already living up to the early hype as a relatable, contemporary romance with a believable technological twist. What follows is some press info about the novel, so you can add it to your TBR list. It’s receiving wide praise in the YA world and the premise is certainly true to modern day teen life. Check it out…


About the Novel (from Thomas Dunne Books):

Today’s teens and 20-somethings have grown up online, with most of their social interactions taking place on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and Snapchat — so much so that having strictly online friends is just as common as having a group of work friends or people your’ve known since you were kids. IN REAL LIFE: A Novel is a contemporary, romantic young adult novel that taps into the fantasy of what it would be like to actually meet your online friends IRL (in real life).

Hannah Cho and Nick Cooper have been best friends since 8th grade. They talk for hours on the phone, Skype all the time, regularly send each other presents, and know everything there is to know about one another.

There’s just one problem…Hannah and Nick have never actually met.

Hannah has spent her entire life doing what she’s supposed to, but when her senior year spring break plans get ruined by a rule-breaker at school, she decides to finally break a rule or two herself. She impulsively decides to road trip to Vegas, with her older sister and BFF in tow, to surprise Nick and finally declare her more-than-a-friend feelings for him.

Hannah’s romantic gesture backfires when she gets to Vegas and meets Nick’s girlfriend, whom he failed to mention to Hannah for the past three months. And it turns out his relationship status isn’t the only thing he’s been lying to her about. Hannah knows the real Nick can’t be that different from the online Nick she knows and loves, but now she only has one night in Sin City to figure out what her feelings for Nick really are, all while discovering how life can change when you break the rules every now and then.


About the Author

Jessica Love is a high school English teacher in Los Angeles, California, where she met her husband and her two tiny dogs online. She is the co-writer of Push Girl with Chelsie Hill.
For more information about Jessica Love, visit her website www.jessicalove.net


Early Praise for IN REAL LIFE: A Novel

“A sweet, honest story that begins as so many of our relationships do: online.” — Emery Lord, author of Open Road Summer

“[A] sweet story ideal for contemporary teens whose lives play out in similar computer-and-text-message-related ways.” — Booklist

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