Pixie Dust not included

Inspiration…where does it come from? Does it live in a magical forest? Maybe.

If you’re a writer like me, you know that inspiration can come from anywhere at any time. I love the little jolt of adrenaline that comes with a new idea, like the promise of a great character or storyline.

Reading is a standard form of inspiration for me, but so are movies, tv shows, my children, conversations with friends, and those little thoughts that float into my head right before I fall asleep. I also treasure the unexpected things that catch my eye or ear and lead to a new story or idea.

Recently, while on a camping trip in Maine with my family we visited Mackworth Island, not far from Portland. With two young daughters, I was looking forward to showing them the fairy houses on the island, assembled over the years by passersby into a permanent fairy village. I had seen pictures on the web, but I was not prepared for the absolutely magical experience we had as a family.

After a short hike into a coastal Maine forest, we came upon a wonderland a little houses crafted from natural materials — and they were truly believable. Suddenly, the rational side of me was happily dead and buried under the enormous HOPE that real fairies would emerge at any moment. Although I didn’t see them that day, I’m not convinced they don’t exist. I mean, why not?

So, what kinds of inspiration have you stumbled upon this summer? Has it influenced your writing? I know my Macworth Island trip got my gears turning and new ideas have already found their way into a work-in-progress.

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